Pooling Innovation Strength, Seeking Green Development

    Posted on 2020-06-01
    On May 29th to 31st, the Expert Working Meeting of Titanium Dioxide Industry in 2020 was held in Nantong Sunshine Graphite. The major theme of this Meeting is “Technological Innovation, Energy Efficient and Clean Production”, the leaders of major titanium dioxide enterprises in many provinces and experts of Strategic Alliance Council for Technological Innovation of Titanium Dioxide Industry gathered in Nantong to seek green development together.
    The President of Strategic Alliance Ms. Peng Anzheng made an address that under the current situation of coronavirus outbreak and global economic recession, there would be many uncertain factors. To enable the industry to cope with the crisis and develop reasonably and healthily, it is necessary to give full play to the appeal of the alliance and the strength of experts. It is the right direction for enterprises to get out of the dilemma and speed up the protection of intellectual property rights, technological innovation and enterprise cooperation.


    When the Expert Committee Member of Strategic Alliance Council, the Chairman of Nantong Sunshine Graphite Mr. Feng Shengjun gave a welcome speech, he introduced Sunshine’s development history of providing service to Titanium Dioxide Industry for more than 20 years starting with the first set of graphite cooler of metatitanic acid and dilution cooler of sulphuric acid in the early 90s, and till in 2019 multistage flash continuous crystallization technique of FeSO4▪7H2O in Titanium liquid is being adjusted and implemented which is the first made in China.
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