Graphite Materials

    With its special internal structure, graphite possesses its unique properties of high temperature resistance, electric and thermal conductivity and chemical durability which is suitable for all corrosive conditions and widely used in the industries of chemistry, electron, steel and pharmacy etc.
    Our material is strict tested by Bayer technology Service and also inspected for initial proof by TUV Rheinland which can be proved our quality can be ranked in the advanced level.

    Block Material

    Based on different market demands, three kinds of graphite block material are developed with different max grain size, and can be impregnated by phenolic, furan, PTFE or other special resins for acidic, alkali, salt and organic compounds which can stand for the temperature up to more than 200 degree.
     B1 (BF1)B2 (BF2)B3 (BF3)
    Max grain size (mm)20.80.02
    PropertiesMainly for markets with less strict requirements for material itselfStandard material for normal application with good anti-corrosion and thermal conductivitySmaller pore size, better strength, higherthermal conductivity and lower coefficient of linear expansion
    *B series is un-impregnation; BF serial is impregnation by synthetic resin.

    Tube Material

    Dimension on request, stable chemical & physical strength and acceptance inspection by TUV are main properties of our Carbex graphite tubes.
    Technical features:
     OD (mm)ID (mm)
    Specification (Standard)2516
    TypeCarbex® T: Extruded tube (Phenolic resin graphite tubes & Modified phenolic resin graphite tubes)
    Carbex® TT: Carbon fibre reinforced tube
    Carbex® TS: Graphitized and impregnated tube
    Wing –structure graphite tubes
    Max bursting pressure (bar)80 bar
    Max allowed temperature (℃)Carbex® T/TT: 170 ℃
    Carbex ® TS: 200 ℃


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