Silicon Carbide Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

    SiC Material
    High hardness
    can withstand high velocity of the fluid.
    Strong chemical resistance
    can withstand Br, H2SO4, HF, HNO3, HCl etc. ,strong alkali, halogenated compound, saline solution and other organic compound.
    High thermal conductivity
    the thermal conductivity of SiC is much higher than graphite, tantalum, meanwhile it can work at the temperature above 1000℃.


    SiC Tubes



    Patented tube and tube-sheet assembly know-how



    can be used as condenser, cooler, heater and evaporator.
    due to excellent thermal conductivity, the heat transfer area is quite small, the small volume make operation easily.
    good mechanical strength, can withstand high mechanical stress and thermal stress, not easy fracture.
    good surface finish, not easy to fouling, easy to clean.
    long service life.
    widely used in pharmaceutical, metallurgy, fine chemical and chemical industries.



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