The First Management Meeting Of Sansheng Group In 2021

    Posted on 2021-02-22
    With the effort of the whole team, Sunshine successfully reached a milestone that the manufacture capacity in 2020 more than 60,000 square meters and an extremely high full-year sales.


    In order to get to a much higher peak, an encouraging management meeting in 2021 was held on Feb 18th, the first day after returning to work after the Spring Festival holiday. All the middle management proposed the subject words of department goal in the new year, such as “Innovation”, “Teamwork” and “Demolish & Foster”.


    Chairman Mr. Albert Feng, Vice GM Mr. Brad Yin and Mr. Richard Ge made their speeches in high spirits about the team goal in 2021.


    With this cheering start in the year of OX, Sunshine team must have a better 2021!
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