Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger

    Our graphite tubes characteristics
    Advantages and Design abilities
    Perfect film forming property
    Simple structure
    Low-flow resistance force, smooth process side surface and less
    Suitable for large-dimension heat exchanger design


     Product sideService side
    Maximum pressure(bar)1010
    Maximum temperature(℃)200200


    Design abilities
    Max number of tubes
    1600 pcs


    Tubes specification
    Carbex T/TT/TB/TS and Silicon carbide tubes
    Diameter of tubes: 25/16mm,32/22mm, 50/37mm or other diameter on request


    Max heat exchanger area
    1200 m2


    Installation options
    Vertical   Horizontal


    Inspections according to
    AD 2000   ASME   GB


    Cooler   Condenser   Evaporator


    Design for Special Application
    Graphite Heat Exchanger with the structure of single tube sealing
    Single tube sealing shell and tube graphite heat exchanger



    Shell and Tube Graphite Falling Film Absorber
    SiC shell and tube graphite Heat Exchanger



    Graphite Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Specialized for Phosphoric Acid



    Floating Head Shell and tube graphite Heat Exchanger





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