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    We are specialized in the manufacture of graphite materials.
    Sunshine is a worldwide leading graphite equipment manufacturer, engaged in graphite equipment research and development, design, manufacture and sales. we also devote to chemical environmental protection research and development, engineering design, equipment manufacture and procurement, erection and commissioning, and technical service, we sincerely supply our products with high quality, high reliable and reasonable price. We focus on maximizing the customer’s technical, environmental and economical benefits, continuously improve the design
    and manufacture process, lead modern industry efficient, energy conservation and green, and bring modern industry less pollution and drain, higher resource utilization and better sustainable development. We was founded in 1996, have already provided thousand of customers nearly 10 thousands equipment and hundred of solutions in more than 20 countries. We aim at focusing customers with the latest technologies to achieve win-win situation with our partners. Our target is to bring modern industry more efficient, energy conservation and green.

    Corporate Culture

    Excellent corporate culture with us.
    shared vision
    To be the pacemaker of
    this industry
    To our

    Care about them and
    provide a platform for
    With our customers
    Realize Win-Win situation
    Collaboration and

    Social Responsibilities

    Businessethics, trustworthiness and benevolence.
    As a corporate citizen with rich historical mission and social responsibility, Sunshine is highly recognized by local government through promoting the development of regional employment and industrial level so as to constantly expand enterprise scale and increase the tax. We comply with business ethics and believe in trustworthiness.


    Sunshine is active in the charity and regional sports undertakings with the aim of transferring positive energy in the society.
    Since the foundation, Sunshine had been positioned in the environmental industry and continued the development of promoting energy-saving and environmental technology and products so as to do our parts for reducing pollution,
    decreasing drain, saving resource, enhancing sustainable
    development and protecting the environment.


    A number of certificates prove our international advanced technologies.

    Partners & Customers

    They trust us as the qualified supplier.
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