Highlight Project Delivery in April: First batch of turnkey engineering equipments for dilute sulfuric acid concentration system

    Posted on 2020-04-28
    April 26 is the 20thWorld Intellectual Property Day, and this year's theme is "Innovation for a Green Future". As a leader in the global industrial waste acid treatment and reuse industry, Sunshine Graphite was awarded the honorary qualification of "Jiangsu Industrial Waste Acid Resource Recycling Engineering Technology Research Center" issued by the Provincial Department of Science and Technology in 2009.
    Among the nearly one hundred patents obtained, thirty-two are involved in the field of waste acid treatment.
    During April 26-27Sunshine Graphite successfully finished delivery for the first batch of system engineering equipments.

    It’s a custom designed turnkey project of dilute sulfuric acid concentration system for one large domestic chemical enterprise.


    Within two days, the first batch of 58 sets equipment were loaded into five 30-ton trailers and two18-ton flatbed trucks and sent to the customer's site.



    Sunshine Graphite will continue to explore cutting-edge technologies and bring efficient solutions, high-quality products and considerate full services to all customers.
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