We concentrate on graphite equipment-based process engineering and chemical environmental protection process engineering that is advantageous to energy conservation and emission reduction with other equipment. We combine and customize our process solution by using our expertise in material, equipment and process.

    HCl Syntheses

    • Customize plant capacity according to customer’s technical requirements
      Production of hydrochloric acid with 1 ppm free chlorine
      Production of HCl gas with lowest H2O content according to customer requirements
      Reliable operation
      Highest payback thanks to heat recovery system (e.g. steam recovery)
      Our References
      30t/d 100% HCl (g) +320t/d Hydrochloric acid
      Fujian, China
      100t/d 100% HCl (g)
      Neimenggu, China
      125t/d HCl (g)

    Concentration of H2SO4

    • Can design high concentration from 70 % to 96%
      And low concentration from 25 % to 68 %
      Natural or forced circulation
      Two or three-stage concentration system at different pressure levels significantly reduce steam consumption
      Our References
      Waste sulfuric acid regeneration in TiO2 industry
      Sichuan, China
      5 t/h treated volume, H2SO4: 24%-69%
      Waste sulfuric acid concentration in TiO2 industry
      Anhui, China
      15t/h water evaporation, H2SO4: 20%~25% - 55%

    Production of HCl gas from hydrochloric acid

    • Customize plant capacity according to customer’s technical requirements
      Conventional process/advanced process
      Feed concentrations in the range of 25% to 35% HCl
      Optimal design with least steam and cooling water consumption
      Our References
      Conventional desorption 1t/h 31% hydrochloric acid
      Hebei, China

    Purification of HCl

    • Customize plant capacity according to customer’s technical requirements
      HCl gas is produced by distillation of hydrochloric acid solutione
      Stripping columns with intensive fluid contact
      Production of highly pure, dry HCl gas with low inert gas and moisture contents
      Gas pressure and temperature in accordance with customer’s requirements
      Minimized consumption of steam and cooling water by optimal design
      No risk of explosion


      sulfur method to produce refined chloroacetic acid with byproduct hydrochloric acid

    Evaporation and crystallization

    • If the solubility of the salt changes only a little at fluctuating temperatures the evaporation crystallization preferably find applications
      In this process a solution is crystallized by evaporating the solvent through the supply of heat.
      The special design of the evaporation chamber makes is possible to operate the evaporation crystallizer as classifying crystallizer.
      In this case the crystals are separated by classification according to size in a sedimentation zone. The coarse portion may be discharged through an extra outlet while the fine portion remains in suspension.
      Our References
      Evaporation and crystallization MgSO4 pilot-plant
      0.3t/h water evaporation

    Mechanical vapor recompression

    • If the cost of electric power are lower than the cost for the production of steam, it is advisable to operate the vapor compression by means of electric power
      Live steam is only needed for starting-up of the plant
      Besides single-stage radial compressors also multi-stage machines and axial compressors may find application
      Electricity consumption of below 40Kwh per ton water evaporation
      Low operation cost and high condensate quality
      Mechanical vapor recompression may also be applied in multi-stage evaporation plants and evaporation crystallization plants.
      -evaporation of brine solutions in chlor-alkaline industry
      -concentration of brine solutions in salt industry
      -evaporation of aqueous solutions in chemical industry
      -recycling of special metals
      -concentration of waste water in environmental aspect
      -evaporation of milk, whey, sugar solutions etc. in food and beverages industry
      -concentration of solutions in petrochemical industry
      Our References
      Process flow diagram of MVR
      Titanium solution concentration with MVR to significantly reduce operating cost
      Capacity: 6.6t/h water evaporation

    Brine osmosis in chlor-alkali industry

    • Significantly extend the regeneration period of resin tower in brine treatment system
      Decrease customer’s operation cost
      Reduce the waste water effluent from the system
      Cut down labor intensity
      Our References
      Shanghai chlor-alkali, China
      Shanghai, China
      Shanghai chlor-alkali, China
      Shanghai, China

    Crystallization and recycling of NaCl/KCl in aluminum salt industry

    • Multi-stage evaporation process can be used
      Customize process solutions according to customer’s technical requirements
      Lab test can be conducted before scaling up to the industrial phase
      The lowest energy consumption achieved
      Maximize the heat recovery in the system
      Long service life
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