Promoting the Green Transformation of the Titanium Dioxide Industry for Sustained and Healthy Development

    Posted on 2023-03-10

    The National Titanium Dioxide Industry Expert/Entrepreneur Symposium was successfully held in Nantong Sunshine Graphite Equipment Technology Co., Ltd.,
    Jiangsu Province from March 10th to 12th, 2023. 

    The event, organized by the National Titanium Dioxide Industry Expert Advisory Committee and hosted by Nantong Sunshine Graphite, brought together nearly
    40 participants to discuss the current state and future of the titanium dioxide industry. With the booming lithium iron phosphate industry, titanium dioxide production
    capacity is projected to exceed 10 million tons in the coming years. However, concerns about market oversupply and intensifying competition were also addressed.
    The symposium emphasized precise services and innovation, showcasing advancements in waste reduction and sulfuric acid recycling by companies like
    Nantong Sunshine. An innovative multi-stage vacuum crystallization technique for titanium sulfate ferrous liquid was introduced, promising enhanced efficiency
    and energy savings. Attendees lauded the contributions of Nantong Sunshine and expressed keen interest in promptly applying these innovative technologies.

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