Sunshine in action to fight NCP

    Posted on 2020-02-06
    Since the outbreak, Sunshine Group immediately established an epidemic prevention leadership group, convened two meetings urgently, deployed related epidemic prevention work, and strictly implemented the requirements of government guidance documents.


    Under the condition of shortage of medical supplies, the company purchased in advance disinfection and anti-epidemic articles such as thermometers, disinfectant, masks, hand sanitizer, and soap. Be fully prepared for the company's internal epidemic prevention.


    Disinfect the office area, factory area and public facilities twice a day, actively prevent infection, strengthen air circulation, prohibit the use of air conditioners, and strictly implement a meal-sharing system.

    At the same time, the leading group also tracked and summarized the employees' vacations during the holidays, registered accordingly in public places such as hospitals, stations, and self-quarantine precautions, and reminded employees to go out less and not to party! The time to leave work is getting closer and closer. Currently, we are communicating with returning employees from other places to understand the local traffic situation and return to the rented place to arrange the deployment accordingly!


    We all believe that with the efforts of the people across the country, we will certainly win the final victory against the epidemic!
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