Precision / large / high-end equipments successfully delivered in February

    Posted on 2020-03-06
    Since the resumption of work in early February, Sunshine's current production capacity has gradually increased.
    A large number of equipments have been completed and delivered to domestic and foreign customers in February.


    *Graphite tube manufacturing currently operates in two shifts to ensure the great demand for tube fittings in large shell and
    tube type graphite heat exchangers.

    *Final assembly of 1th effect heater for Calcium Chloride and it's one of the largest cylindrical block graphite equipments
    in China at present.


    The first batch of 30 sets stainless steel aviation fuel filters have been successfully deliveried to major airports in China.
    According to statistics, Sunshine made delivery of more than 100 equipments in February and that's the best answer to
    Perfect Contract Fulfillment for 2020.
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