Nantong Sunshine Graphite: Innovating to Lead the Market

    Posted on 2024-05-07
    Nantong Sunshine Graphite Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., a leading enterprise in industrial acid purification and recycling technology, recently announced its partnership with WWW. QIZHIDAO.COM, a global scientific and technological big data AI platform. 
    With 72 national patents and prestigious titles such as National High-tech Enterprise and Top 100 Innovative Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in China, Nantong Sunshine Graphite have solidified its position as a frontrunner in the global market, boasting a 34% market share in graphite-based environmental equipment for sulfuric acid treatment worldwide and an impressive 38% share domestically.
    For over 20 years, Sunshine has been committed to innovating to overcome industry challenges by serving diverse sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, metallurgy, and environmental protection, and offered a wide range of graphite equipment and eco-friendly solutions. Through collaborations with top universities and the establishment of a National Postdoctoral Research Station, Sunshine has cultivated an innovative culture, supported by cutting-edge research facilities.
    Responding to industry-specific challenges, Sunshine has developed tailored technological solutions. By introducing corrosion-resistant materials, Sunshine has improved the safety and stability of sulfuric acid concentration processes and optimized processes and implements energy recovery techniques to achieve significant cost savings and environmental benefits.
    The collaboration with QIZHIDAO aims to further enhance Sunshine's market competitiveness. Leveraging big data technology, Sunshine will streamline its R&D processes, accelerate product development, and contribute to industry advancement and sustainable growth.
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