Charity is everywhere without the restriction what you are doing!---The Founding of Sunshine Charitable Foundation

    Posted on 2021-04-22
    Nantong Sunshine Charitable Foundation Signing Ceremony was held on April 21st 2021 in Nantong E&T Development Area (NETDA). The fund shall be used for public welfare of helping the poor and the disabled, poverty alleviation and disaster relief and environment protection so as to promote the healthy development of charity in NETDA.
    It has been the 10th year for "Sunshine Fund of Love" which was initiated inside the company to help those employees who have difficulties, subsidize those poverty-stricken students and families and make donations to the disaster area and the remote poor areas. Besides the chairman Mr. Albert Feng and his wife have directed more than a dozen students until they graduated from college to become self-reliant, and set up a school education award fund in 2019.
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